Soul Choice Wrap

Muse:  Sometimes there really isn’t a choice, and often we just need our head and our hearts to realize the choice has already been made by our inner light, our ethereal guide, our "soul".  Ready or not, here you are, in all your glory, choices already made, evolution awaiting, doors opening all around you.  Doors marked “positive change”, “growth”, “new”, “all possibilites”, “soul’s purpose”.  You don’t even need a key….

Mantra: I accept the choices my soul has made and I take action upon them.

Gemstone: African Turquoise 

Specifications: Choice of half 54 (2 wrap) or full 108 (4 wrap) beads, or tiny 216 (5 wrap), unisex

Relation: SUP WrapGolden Sun Wrap and Spirit Wrap

​Collaborator: Allison Barker
* Exclusive to Bali Malas


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