The Seeds & Stones

Seeds and stones

The Seeds

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For rebalancing and harmonizing body, mind and spirit. It also cleanses and stabilizes the aura, banishing negativity. Stimulates and strengthens our analytical capabilities, encouraging us to think clearly and concentrate upon the task at hand. Allows us to gain inspiration from spiritual words.

Amazonite (green)

Heals the throat chakra, encouraging communication, and supports the thyroid. Helps to balance and regulate calcium deficiencies, and alleviates cramps and muscular spasms. For soothing and harmonizing the nervous system, dispelling worries, fears, anger and irritation, balancing mood swings, it encourages us to take charge of our own lives and connect to our own inner power.


Pacifies the mind, protecting you from mental imbalance. Protects against black magic or evil spirits. Good for any throat problem. Lifts ones heaviness of burdens allowing happiness and strengthening of the heart.


Wearing it gives one stability strength, inspiration and a true sense of peace. It enhances the immune system and is a blood purifier, good for stomach and liver. Strengthens spiritual power.


It protects, activates and clears the heart chakra. For treating heart problems on account of its ability to strengthen and stabilize the heart. Encourages regeneration. A stone of comfort and balance.


Protects wearer from all kind of negativity. Helps to focus mind, aids in decision making. Has a cooling effect on the body. Increases stamina and self confidence.


Opens, activates and energizes the heart chakra, enabling it to mend a broken heart,  heal relationships and to transmute jealousy, envy, greed, selfishness and grief into positive emotions.


For stimulating the brain and strengthening the intellect, it promotes new ideas and creativity. Also known as a stone for abundance and prosperity, it can help to acquire wealth and keep it. It encourages joy and enthusiasm and is ideal for tired and drained bodies, boosting your energy. It benefits kidneys, bladder, stomach, pancreas and spleen.


Promotes vigor and vitality and is a sexual stimulant. Calms anger and increases will power. Stimulates circulation, especially in lungs, skin and intestines. Also good for finance.

Jasper Green

Stone of balance, harmonizes the heart chakra. Helps boost the immune system and detoxifying the body’s system.

Jasper Red

Balances & grounds the base chakra, bestowing courage and willpower to achieve ones goals. For stimulating circulation and increasing energy. Also to treat disorders of the intestines.

Jasper Picture

Provides harmony and increases creativity.

Lapis Lazuli

Enhances self expression, creativity and insight. Valued by seekers of truth for its ability to quiet and purify the mind. Protects against negative influences. Associated with truthfulness, openness, love, purification and integrity in relationships. Helps with urinary tract problems, nervous system, and inflammation.


Used by American Indians when entering battle for strength and clarity. Gives strength (physical and mental) when facing difficult situations.


For stabilizing and balancing. Protects from physical and emotional psychic attack. Purifies a negative atmosphere. Can remove toxins from body. An excellent stone for pain relief of arthritis and alleviates muscular aches and spasms. Removes shock and trauma that arises after injury. Improves circulation.


Symbolizes purity and stimulates the mind in clarity and wisdom. It enhances personal integrity and helps to focus ones attention. It has been said that it increases fertility and eases childbirth. Increases physical vitality.


Increases energy and provides protection. Helps to understand problems and situations. Eases feelings of anger and strengthens heart. Good for kidneys and bladder.


Increases spiritual wisdom, insight and clarity of thought. Useful to heal emotional wounds. Increases intuition and amplifies prayers. Good for treating headaches, dizziness and general pain relief.

Quartz Rose

Serves to open the heart, enhance creativity, and heal emotional wounds and broken hearts. Considered the love stone, beneficial to the circulatory system and aids in relieving anxiety.

Quartz Smoky

For the solar plexus chakra and an excellent ground stone. For relieving stress and anxiety. Calms a hyperactive mind. Disperses fear & lifts depression and negativity. Encourages positive thought and action. Good for the digestive system and detoxifying your body. Protects against radiation.


For the heart chakra. Regulates the heart beat. Stabilizes the pulse, balances the blood pressure and stimulates the circulation. It opens up the heart, lifting depression and encourages a positive and cheerful attitude to life. Prompt spontaneity, good to express feelings. Stone of love & passion. Believed to have the power to attract one’s soul mate. Stimulate the mind and encourages creativity and innovation. It can relieve migraines, thyroid imbalance, as well as intestinal problems.

Tiger's Eye 

For the solar plexus chakra. Brings together energies of heaven & earth, to lift our vibrations. Dispels fear and anxiety, counteracts feeling of hypochondria.


Strengthens whole body, promotes absorption of nutrients, tissue regeneration and circulation. Protects from harmful environmental pollutants and poisons. Saves the wearer from problems on a journey or adventure. Destroys hatred and increases love.

*These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease  The results are the sole responsibility of the wearer*