Returns & Refunds

30 Day Returns Policy

Bali Malas aim to provide the high the quality and valuable treasures to suit your family. Sometimes you may be dissatisfied with these products due to family background, culture and other social factors. If you are unsatisfied of such reasons, you have the option to return your package back to our warehouse.

If you are not satisfied with your mala beads or other product, you can return your ordered goods back to the warehouse by following certain aspects mentioned below.

1)    The item purchased from Bali Malas must be returned to the warehouse within 30 days of purchase.

2)The items must not be used must neither damaged.

3)The original receipt and package slip must be neatly submitted with the product.

4)If you are a long time member, you can return items free of charge.

5)If you have branches or retailers of Mala beats nearby your town area, it’s better to return these goods with proof to them.

6)We are not liable for any loss you face

7)You’ll be refunded sixty percent of the cost you spend towards the order.

FAQ or (Frequently Answered Questions)

Q) What if I miss or don’t have an order number?

A) Sometimes you may receive the mala beads as a gift so you may have missed your order number. In such case make sure to contact our customer support assistance to succeed your returns.

Q) When and how much will I be refunded once a product has been returned?

A) The money will be refunded within three days of successful returns, and you’ll be refunded only sixty percent cost of the product.

Q) What happens if I return damaged goods?

A) If you return damaged goods your return will not be accepted. As a result you’ll never get the refund of the cost you spend towards the product.

Who will manage to pay the return cost?

If you are a member of Mala beads, you can enjoy free returns. Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to spend for returns.